Monday, 16 April 2012


WOW, it's been almost a month since I blogged and frankly I wish I could say I was doing something relatively interesting during that time. So quickly, a run through of my melodramatic and somewhat boring current life:

1. I went to the Hunger Games European Premiere. More importantly, I met Katie Price. Now, I'm not one for judging people until I've met them but I now feel I can say this. How dare someone so FAKE and REPULSIVE claim to be a feminist role model? Feminism should be about embracing being a radiant, confident female - not making yourself into a sexual object for male pleasure. I'm all for body alterations but when someone labels themselves as a feminist and they happily promote objectifying themselves AND do not act stupid and vulnerable so males feel more powerful.

2. I got an A in my Media and English coursework. I decided to focus my Magazine Study in Media based around Cosmopolitan and feminism as such - hardly surprising eh? However, I am appalled at how Cosmopolitan claims to be 'feminist', 'pro-woman' etc. The majority of articles are still fixated around women being sexual objects, sex tips to PLEASE THE MALE ONLY and diet tips as well as how to look good. I thought this magazine was meant to provide confidence and encouragement to women - to remind us about how we do deserve to have a right to free speech. Everything in that magazine in merely skin deep and incredibly SHALLOW. Hopefully, my magazine 'Passion For Pussy' juztaposed Cosmo's 'ideas' of feminism and gave a real outlook and indepth view into feminism and THINGS THAT WOMEN SHOULD READ.

3. I emailed Cosmo to complain about it's comment and wrote that as a 16 year old young woman, many other girls my age were being influenced by it's content as well as older women. They emailed back saying that they couldn't reply to my personal email because as I specified, I was 16 and not 18. What age can I be allowed to be a feminist, Cosmo?

4. I was in Clinton Cards and came across a truly horrific card. I simply don't understand the joke factor. Why the HELL is this a card and how was it even allowed to be produced? I didn't see one card stating 'funniest racist joke' or 'funniest homophobic joke' not that they should be permitted of course. I just think that if we are going to work together to stop sexism being such a socially accepted "joke" then cards should NOT BE produced mocking and ENCOURAGING such things. I'm still awaiting a reply from Head Office.

5. Finally, I got my prom dress which was a bargain at £45 from Urban Outfitters and is something I would definitely wear again. I'm pairing it with creepers or Doc Martens because being my height of just over 5ft would mean that I'd look out of proportion wearing heels and plus, WHY DO PEOPLE WEAR HEELS WHEN THEY HURT YOUR FEET? SILLY WOMEN! Unfortunately my Headteacher wouldn't allow me to attend prom in a suit or in a dress made from duct tape - and as for the shoes, i don't think I'm even going to bother asking.

WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO?!?!?! uhuh